Nov 30, 2010

Trickle - Glen

Just for you. A panel from the new project.

Now if you had your detective's hat on, you would have noticed I tagged the last post (thumbnails) with the following tags: Ed Brisson, Murder Book, Trickle. For those of your who noticed that, kudos to you. Everyone else... step your game up. As evidenced by the panel above and the rest of the story, it's a dangerous world out there, with murderer's, hitmen, drug dealers, and various other nefarious characters waiting to meet/shank/rob/murder you... Merry Xmas :)

Trickle is a short 7 page story for Ed Brisson's Murder Book. Now Ed is a fantastic writer and a pretty good editor to boot since he gave me some good notes thus far, so don't be surprised if this 7 pager turns into more stories or a longer story.

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Farrah Hasham said...

nicely done! Can't wait to see the fully inked page!