May 25, 2011

Because I'm Feeling Nice - Here's Some Process Stuff

Alright, I don't know if you guys & girls are like me, but I absolutely love seeing process shots and the inner workings of completing art work. So since this is my blog.....I think my names at the top of the page... I'm gonna post that.

This was a page I did a while back for a fun little project. Click on thumbnails to see them at their proper sizes.

Wolverine VS Rorschach

   My first rough                                      
 This first rough is sketched at the size that it would be if it were printed. This is the best way for me to quickly put down panels and get a solid idea of what the page will look like in the end. I added some tones here to give a better idea  of where shadows would fall.

This page rough worked and I liked it, but the gap between the action from panel 3 to 4 was a bit jarring. So I wanted to come up with a different fourth panel of Wolverine attaching Rorschach.

                                               Page 1 with different versions of panel 4.

I ended up going with the final option. I guess it was kind of the most predictable of the options, but storytelling wise it built the action up the best.

At this point, I scan the rough I like best and print it out at a larger size (something around 9" x 13" or 10" by 15" - I think I drew this one closer to 9" x 13" since it's quicker.) Once I have my larger print out. I tape it to the back of some good strathmore paper and throw it on my lightbox to pencil in the main parts from the rough.

Pencils - Not too detailed really...
  These were my pencils. I already had inked that third panel here, since I knew I wasn't going to change it.

Zee inks...
Pretty simple really. Just decided where to drop some additional shadows and what types of lines I wanted for the figures and backgrounds. Brush and marker mostly.

Zee Colours...
 The final part of this was colours. I'm big on letting a well chosen palette do the work for you and not rendering everything 100%. So this didn't take long at all. Added a few scanned textures to the rocky terrain as well.

So that's my process for most of my work. I'm toying around with drawing my initial roughs at a smaller size and I usually finish my pencils more than I did on this page.... Now get the hell out of here...


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