Jun 25, 2010

It's nice to finish things...

Finally finished this Birthday day present/commission. Months of whining from Birthday Girl/recipient have finally brought to fruition this Iron Fist pinup... well one month of whining. Now all I owe said person is a house warming piece of art. I'm thinking something with some nice old school brick buildings in it.

Overall, I'm happy with how this turned out. Was nice to really ink and be more careful than usual. Although some of my favorite parts are the looser brush strokes on the circular stones on top of the pillars. I'll post the process stuff for this next post. From thumbnail to the dozens of sketches of Iron Fist's pose that I couldn't nail for ages.

Work stuff is piling up. Still have to finish my Iron Fist sequential pages. Work to be done on "A Hero In White" 8 pager and a new possible large project in the works. Contracts to be drafted up and signed very soon. I'll wait until it's official before I start posting about it here though.

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