Jun 23, 2010

Moon Knight

I hate that this post is coming about 5 days after the last post. I know I said I would try to post every two days at least... well I`ll be working on hitting that mark.

Lots of stuff on the go. First priority on my list is getting an Iron Fist commission finished and off to my GF. It`s her belated birthday present. Oh so belated! I lent her the first two trades of the Brubaker, Fraction, Aja Iron Fist series and she was hooked! I knew she would like it since she also has a love for great (crappy) 80`s amd 90`s tv and movies. Some great stuff like the original Karate Kid movies and Bloodsport and some pretty questionable stuff like Kung Fu: The Legend Continues tv series... ehhhh. She`s a cool chick though. Trust me.

Anyway.... on to some art.

Quick inked Moon Knight sketch.

Here are the 10 minute pencils for the sketch.


Farrah said...

Nice! I especially like the inks, nice balance of black and white, very bold :)
Lookin forward to seeing that Iron Fist commission btw...I'm sure it will be worth the wait! :)
p.s. 80s and 90s karate/kung fu shows and movies were the best thing ever made...I think I would like to see your rendering of Kwai Chang Caine :)

Vic Malhotra said...

Thanks Farrah! The Iron Fist commission is nearly done. Just a few areas to fill in! Regarding your PS, I think most 90`s shows were pretty terrible in general. I might sketch Kwai Chang Caine, if I`m ever running low on sketch ideas (That`ll never happen BTW...haha)