Nov 10, 2010

Price Process Part 1

Today's post... more stuff from the archives. This would be from September. I was really churning pages out at this point with a deadline hanging over my head.

I consider these my thumbnails since they're pretty small (3" x 4" or so) and are rough. They also speed up my production since a lot of the page is realized in this step. As you can see the final pages look nearly like these small drawings. There was a step between these and the final pencils that I'll show you guys tomorrow.

Thumbnails drawn on a self made photoshop template that I print out at various sizes (Here I printed it 4 to a page.)  So sad to have recently lost that template in a computer crash, but really it only took maybe 20 minutes to make. That reminds me, I have to remake this template this week.

 I ended up getting stuck on page 4 for a while, which resulted in a few versions, one that was even nearly fully inked, I finally almost cracked it with the thumbnail below. The page was difficult for me since it called for 7 panels all with a bunch of important information needing to be communicated.

On the other hand the layouts for pages 5, 6, and 7 were the easiest of the bunch. I had already pictured these pages pretty clearly from the initial read through of the script. 

EDIT: Just noticed that that's my first thumbnail for page 7. By the looks of the final page, you can tell I didn't go with it.


Paul Moore said...

Good stuff, Vic...if i posted my process i think everyone would be disappointed by the lack of effort at these stages

Vic Malhotra said...

Ha, you don't need a process when you're a dynamo!

Actually this just helps me speed up the drawing of the final pencils. Also these initial steps save the quality of the bristol for inking. Less erasing since most things are figured out already, although, Strathmore 500 can take plenty of abuse!

Paul Moore said...

You definitely do it the right way, slowly trying to do more work in the earlier stages, for the very reasons youve stated...

Vic Malhotra said...

Awesome! You'll find it helps. Also helps to not be too precious with any page. Nothing will ever be perfect.