Nov 9, 2010

"Rough" Page - Hero In White

Back when I first started this blog (Not too long ago really) I was working on a project called "A Hero In White" with writer Michael DeShane. Well that project never came about, because I was having the hardest time figuring out how I could strike a balance between realistic and graphic imagery. The protagonist here (The "Hero")  wears a full head to toe all white costume. No eye or mouth cut outs or anything. One day I want to do that story justice and illustrate the eight pages, but not today. 

What you see above was my "rough" print size page 1 prelim. This was done when I first started the project. Not sure I like all of it now, but there are parts of it that I still like. Panel one shows our hero looking down monitoring his city. Storytelling wise I like how he is literally looking down the page and towards the second panel. I also like that transition between the last two panels. The motion line of the hero's punch (last panel) helps bring the reader's eye from panel 3 to the meat of the last panel.

If any of you are in Austin TX this weekend make sure to hit up Wizard World Austin. The writer of The Price, Fabian Rangel JR, will be in artists alley peddling copies of his 3 story anthology "Fire Ink Paper" which contains the 7 page "The Price" story. Do it for me. So you can tell me if they printed okay! (My copies will be here in a few weeks) It's sure to become a collectors item of some sort ;)

That's enough rambling for me today. Next time I'll show you the thumbnails and roughs for my Price pages.

Bonus: The Price - Page 3 Inks

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