Aug 30, 2010

Man Thing

That's right two posts today.

Quick sketch that I added colours to lastnight. Didn't think drawing this guy would be fun. I was wrong. I guess there's something fun about drawing most characters.

Extinct - Pinup Rough

I didn't scan in the pencils for this pinup, but I did scan in my original rough version drawn at print size. I ended up colouring it to get an idea of what I wanted for the finished piece... which I didn't go with anyway.

Aug 29, 2010


Here's a pinup for the printed version of the comic book EXTINCT written by Fabian Rangel Jr.

Had to rush this out on a short deadline so I was just going with my first instinct. Luckily the premise provided me with about a million "cool as shit" ideas to execute.

Here's the premise (straight from the horses mouth -- Hi Fabian!)

A small town gets taken over by werewolves overnight. It’s up to a few teens to make them EXTINCT. --
It takes place in 1985. It’s in Texas. It has WEREWOLVES. --
It’s influenced by The Monster Squad, The Lost Boys, and also The Goonies, Teen Wolf, and even The Breakfast Club. --


Aug 17, 2010

Some Character Studies

Here are a few quick sketches I did for characters that appear in the new series. Can't tell you any character specifics or details though!

Aug 16, 2010

The Price

Click to see larger.

I'm currently working on a new project called The Price with hotshot writer of the future (former rockstar) Fabian Rangel Jr.

Fabian or Fabe as I call him (for the first time here in this journal entry) contacted me with an idea that was RIGHT up my alley. Dark city scenes, 1940's, gangsters, detectives, some supernatural stuff. We bounced ideas back and forth and he delivered an amazing first issue script.

Character designs are finished (Other than one character that comes in later in the issue) and I just finished this pinup to get me "in the ZONE" for the project.

Anyway, any feedback or comments about the upcoming posts centered around the new project are always welcome. Also spread the word! This project is going to be something else!

Aug 12, 2010


A character for some work that I'm doing right now. Coloured it up for fun.

Aug 10, 2010

Older Stuff

Superman vs Hyperion sketch. Older stuff. Click to bigify.


Some quick ink only sketches. I like doing these to warm up or cool down sometimes. No pencil layouts, so some of the stuff is a bit off here and there, but I like the feeling of doing these. Just pure art. Expression. Oh, click to see bigger.

Aug 6, 2010

Man Bat

A sketch from a few weeks ago. Trying to keep up with posting here folks!

Aug 4, 2010


I have been crazy busy the last week or so with non art stuff. Finally laid pencil to paper for the first time in a while last night. Surprisingly I was less rusty than expected... I guess I did sketch a bit here and there last week. Anyway, back in a big way. Nearly finished character designs on the secret project.... really can`t wait to start pages for it.