Dec 17, 2014

Corto Maltese Study

Here's a study of a Hugo Pratt Corto Maltese panel

A few things to note.
- Hugo Pratt's panel is fantastic. I love this sequence at the end of the Siberia story. When I was in Paris, I came across a huge poster of one of the images that I should have bought. Still regret not bringing it back with me, but I'll get it next time.
- I drew mine large (Approx 9"x12") which I think changes the overall effect of the drawing.
- Pratt would have used a quill for the lines and  brush for the lovely blacks. I used a brush for everything on mine. I might try another panel with a quill.

Here's the original panel. Fantastic!

Dec 15, 2014

A movie poster and other stuff...

Here's a poster I did for a local theater. Had lots of fun playing with the look of these characters. I absolutely love this move, by the way. The final version has logos and showing times/dates/etc..., but this is what the original art looks like, minus the grey tones.

Roche Limit 3 came out a few weeks ago. #4 is out on January 7th and I'm working on the 5th and final issue of the first arc right now. Altogether, I think the series so far is full of story and information. These aren't the types of comics you can breeze through in 5 minutes.

Michael and I have been excitedly working on the next volume as well. We're pushing the story forward many many years. so we're pretty much starting from scratch again, but building off of what happens in vol. 1.

I wrapped up my X-Files: Year Zero miniseries last month. All 5 issues are out now and a collected edition should be out in a few months. I really love what Karl Kesel and myself were able to create with the Year Zero team.

For another adventure of that Year Zero team, check out the X-Files X-mas Special out this month (Dec 24??? I think) I did a bright pink variant cover for that book but I wasn't able to draw the  interior story since I was busy withe Roche Limit. Matthew Southworth drew the story and it looks great! Again, coloured by the talented Mat Lopes.

I've been reading lots of amazing stuff, new and old. Here's what I recommend to you...

- AAMA by Frederik Peeters. The art and the story are fantastic. The first 2 volumes of this series have been translated and published by Self Made Hero.

- Go read anything by Norwegian comic creator Jason (Fantagraphics). Left Bank Gang, being one of my favorites.  There's something great about how he constructs pages and twists and turns in stories. Some big laughs throughout as well.

- Battling Boy and the Rise of Aurora West books (First Second Press). Paul Pope and David Rubin. Both books were fantastic. Highly recommended for yourself and as Christmas gifts to younger readers.

- Kirby: King of Comics by Mark Evanier. I just finished this thorough biography on the King. A must read for any fan of the medium. Frustrating and sad at parts, but it covers some of the trends and obstacles faced by the industry as a whole from the 30's to the 80's.

More updates soon.

Happy Holidays.