Oct 21, 2010

The Price - Preview

Here's a 7 page preview for The Price. I've had these pages sitting around for a few weeks. Fabian (The writer - check out my links bar at the bottom of the page) is having this preview and 2 other previews printed up in one book. Look for it if you're at Wizard World Austin (Texas) or online in the upcoming month or so.

Story by Fabian Rangel JR
Art by yours truly
Letters by Ed Brisson

Oct 17, 2010

New Project...

.... No not a real project, just playing around with a new brush. Done on one page with no pencils, just straight ink drawing. Started with one of the heads and kept adding characters and scenes.

Maybe I'll play with this idea a bit more though.... hmmm

Oct 13, 2010

Warm up...

Quick warm up before I get started on pages today. Pencils/Inks and Photoshop.  Spent too much time messing around with colours on this one... Especially for a warm up.

Oct 8, 2010

Quick and the Walking Dead

A quick ink sketch of Rick Grimes from the Walking Dead series.

Oct 7, 2010


Part of a page from The Price. At this point I was really gunning through pages to get finished in time, but looking back at this I think this sequence turned out pretty good. 

Just a note, I have been updated the look of this blog over the last few days. There may be more changes to come. The post archive, links, and a bunch of other stuff has been moved to the very bottom of the page to give me more room to post art (at larger sizes.) This way you won't have to click to enlarge.

Oct 6, 2010

And flash boom bam.... He was gone

Finished colouring The Price preview pages this past weekend. Results? Sore neck and tired eyes.... oh and 7 pencil/inked/coloured pages. Up above is a teeny tiny panel from one of the pages.

I'm taking this momentum to a few sample Daredevil pages. I wrote the script, so I may just post it here as I complete pages and for other artists to use for sample purposes. A sweet 4 pager with action, superheroes, normal people, and a good ol' ass kicking.

Also getting a few emails about possible future projects. We'll see what comes about!

Oct 1, 2010


4.5" x 7" rough for a page. Laid in a rough perspective grid and freehanded everything else.
Click to bigify.

Weekend plans? Colouring the pages I completed. Going to the printer early next week I believe.