Jun 29, 2011

Sketch 29...

Markov Artolam the documentary creator who became one of the worlds most wanted arms dealers...

... Yes that's entirely made up.

Small sketch with colours... pen nib on crappy paper.


Jun 28, 2011

Sketch 28...

Sketch 28... nib


Jun 27, 2011

Sketch 27...

Sketch 27 - Brush...


Jun 21, 2011

Spot Colour...

Sketches from something I'm working on...


Jun 20, 2011


Sketch from today.


Jun 19, 2011


Just got back from the Calgary Comic Expo. Crazy busy weekend... met a lot of a cool cats, made some solid contacts, got helpful and motivating feedback on my art, and sketched some sketches and commissions.

I've got some drawing to do.


Jun 16, 2011

Process 2.0

Quick post for you people! Really busy on some pages at the moment.

Page 4 of TRICKLE (Murder Book - written by Ed Brisson)

The rough...



You can find Ed Brisson and myself at Calgary Comic Expo this weekend (June 17-19)... Booth 1504 (at times!) I'll sketch for you and sign your boobs!


Jun 15, 2011


It's a million times easier if I figure this stuff out at the rough stage. Had a false start on this page and had to go back to roughing it out...

EDIT --- Just noticed I passed the one year mark in keeping you up to date thru this blog! Not bad posting wise. I'm going to try to be more consistent in year 2 of the blog!


Jun 10, 2011

Another rough panel...

Working on roughs still. This will speed up the finished pages though!

Jun 9, 2011

Tiny Corner...

A tiny sketch in the corner of my rough...

I'm working hard to finish up some samples for next weekend. Not sure I'll make my goal (5 pages penciled and inked), but all I can do is try!


Edit: A little bit from that rough page...FFF

Jun 7, 2011

Movie Scenes - No Country For Old Men

A little bit of practice from last night...


Jun 6, 2011

Sketchbook Page 30,000 of 1 Million

A random sketchbook page... that is all.


Jun 5, 2011

TRICKLE - You can finally read it!

Trickle is a short story written by Ed Brisson and illustrated by me. It's part of Ed Brisson's wonderfuly psychotic brainchild Murder Book. Click the picture up above to be transported there!


Jun 3, 2011

Quick Scene Sketches...

Quick 2 to 3 minute sketches of scenes from a movie. I find this helpful practice for framing a scene.


Jun 1, 2011

The Devil's Concubine - Finished Pinup

Done. Devil's Concubine is currently on sale.


The Devil's Concubine - Inks

Da inks... colours next.


The Devil's Concubine - Quick pencils

Working on a quick pinup for this awesomely awesome book. The Devil's Concubine by Palle Schmidt, who's wonderful work you can follow on his blog HERE

Live blogging my progress. On to inks!