Oct 3, 2014

X-FIles: Year Zero #3

Well, it's been busy few weeks for sure. Juggling two projects (Roche Limit and X-Files) has had it's ups and downs. Lots of conflicting deadlines. Luckily all my collaborators are understanding an amazing.

X-Files: Year Zero #3 came out this Wednesday.  Here are some B/W pages from the issue and some thoughts them.

You can find a colour/lettered preview HERE

X-Files: Year Zero #3

Pages 1 to 6.

Karl Kesel delivered a great script, once again. This time giving us a fun resolution to the events that began in the previous issue.

The cabin interior in the first few pages was fun to draw. I probably went a bit overboard with the dry brush on the walls, but I found it to be a quick and easy way to lead the eye to the important information in each panel. Did I mention that due to the deadline for this issue and me taking a trip while drawing this, some of these pages were drawn on the beaches of Prince Edward Island. That sounds more glamorous that it was, honest.

For the Manitou, the show never really gave a good glimpse of what the beast actually looked like (Season 1 episode “Shapes”). In the few screenshots you can find online it just looks like a bad werewolf costume. The close-ups on the face looked better. Either way, I just made it up for the most part. I wanted to embrace a bit of what I saw in the show, the part that was kind of like a cheesy costume.

The rest of the pages I’ve posted here are mostly just me finding interesting ways to stage conversations. Finding framing devices, changing the angles (up,down) and trying to bring across the personalities of the characters across in there body language.
On page 5 panel 5, I opted for a good ol’ Hugo Pratt neck up panel. I always liked these panels in his Corto Maltese books.

Back to work. Wrapping up issue 5 this weekend.