May 31, 2013

A few things...

Hey wonderful visitors!

I want to write up a more in-depth post about what I've learned in the last little bit of doing this comic thing full time, in the meantime this will have to do.

Here are the covers for the remaining issues of Thumbprint. If you'll remember, Thumbprint is the psychological thriller/horror book I'm working on with Joe Hill and Jason Ciaramella that will be out from IDW starting on June 19th! (that's coming up mighty quick!)
It's a 3 issue mini series based on Joe Hill's novella of the same name.

Here's the cover to issue 2. Had to get this pose/idea out of my system. Pushed the shapes and blacks to fit what I like. The original art on this one is a mess! Way too much white paint splatter, fixes, etc...
Click to see larger!

 The cover for issue 3 out in August. Again, trying to push the composition so it stands out beside the other comics. Click for bigger!

I'll probably start posting roughs, panels, and smaller stuff so that there are more posts for you to check out rather than waiting till something official comes out... which is slow, but I appreciate the lead time.

Anyway, back to roughing out this issue.