Jun 25, 2010

It's nice to finish things...

Finally finished this Birthday day present/commission. Months of whining from Birthday Girl/recipient have finally brought to fruition this Iron Fist pinup... well one month of whining. Now all I owe said person is a house warming piece of art. I'm thinking something with some nice old school brick buildings in it.

Overall, I'm happy with how this turned out. Was nice to really ink and be more careful than usual. Although some of my favorite parts are the looser brush strokes on the circular stones on top of the pillars. I'll post the process stuff for this next post. From thumbnail to the dozens of sketches of Iron Fist's pose that I couldn't nail for ages.

Work stuff is piling up. Still have to finish my Iron Fist sequential pages. Work to be done on "A Hero In White" 8 pager and a new possible large project in the works. Contracts to be drafted up and signed very soon. I'll wait until it's official before I start posting about it here though.

Jun 23, 2010

Moon Knight

I hate that this post is coming about 5 days after the last post. I know I said I would try to post every two days at least... well I`ll be working on hitting that mark.

Lots of stuff on the go. First priority on my list is getting an Iron Fist commission finished and off to my GF. It`s her belated birthday present. Oh so belated! I lent her the first two trades of the Brubaker, Fraction, Aja Iron Fist series and she was hooked! I knew she would like it since she also has a love for great (crappy) 80`s amd 90`s tv and movies. Some great stuff like the original Karate Kid movies and Bloodsport and some pretty questionable stuff like Kung Fu: The Legend Continues tv series... ehhhh. She`s a cool chick though. Trust me.

Anyway.... on to some art.

Quick inked Moon Knight sketch.

Here are the 10 minute pencils for the sketch.

Jun 17, 2010


I'm hopefully going to be updating this art blog at least every other day. Possibly everyday if I can. So in order to catch up with yesterday, and a few in-between days for the previous posts, here's a bunch of new stuff.

To start us of. A Punisher Noir Sketch. About an hours worth of work. Hard to say, because I penciled it earlier last night while watching tv, then inked it at about 2 in the morning, but it didn't take very long overall.

With the wonders of photoshop. Here's a quick colour version of the sketch. Took more time deciding if I wanted a sepia tone look (since it's old school) or just a subdued blue. Went with the blue in the end.

A page of pencil sketches for warm-up.

A sharpie version of the pencil panel I posted last night. This is part of my "process", if I can call barely churning out pages a process. Well it's something I'm trying. So for now, just so you know my process looks something like this.

  • Thumbnails for overall composition and shot selection.
  • Final Print size pencil rough. So this fits on a sheet of 8.5 x 11" paper. Keeps me from going to detail heavy and allows me to work out perspective at a smaller scale.
  • Scan that, blow it up to 10x15" and print it. Using printer paper again, I light box on top of the blown up pencil rough with a regular old sharpie. Again, limiting me to only the essential details.
  • Final step is to light box those sharpie roughs onto clean new bristol. This step is just super easy if I've done the proper work before hand.
We'll see if this process works. Here's the sharpie rough.

And some colour fun over that rough.

Jun 16, 2010

Hero In White

This is the nearly faceless, expressionless protagonist from the story I'm working on with writer Michael DeShane. Still not exactly how I picture this character, but definitely closer than my first takes. Penciled and sloppily inked rather quickly. Here's a link to Michael's blog. Mike D's Comic Script Blog  Go do yourselves a favor and read his stories.

Other progress... some Iron Fist pages... well panels, cause I ain't gonna show you a whole page. Just rough pencils at print size for now, but expect more progress soon. That beach should be full of British soldiers soon enough.

Jun 14, 2010

Ink Sketches

Here's a warm up page of pen and brush sketches. 1-2 minutes each. Some penciled in before hand, most of them not. For me, inking is my favorite part of the process. Pencils are just the guidelines and construction of the art. These sketches were done as research on police officers for a story I'm working on with awesome writer Michael DeShane. More on that soon!

Lobster Johnson

A recent Lobster Johnson inked sketch. Kind of a warm-up for the coming week.

Still working on some new sample story pages... progressing very slowly. I find it easier to draw sketches and rough stuff rather than starting final art on a lovely clean piece of bristol. Page fright? It would appear so. Really trying to overcome it and I think just pushing through pages will be the solution. In an effort to step up my finished art productivity, I've enlisted the help from my girlfriend to act as my pseudo "editor". Not sure how she can push me to work, but I'm thinking the constant nagging about pages may help. We'll see how this works out...

Jun 9, 2010

a start...

Well it`s about time I started a blog. Mostly to keep track of my progress on various projects and to post sketches.

So for your enjoyment... you`re still here right? ... My Blog.

Hope to post more soon.