Sep 28, 2011

Where to pick up...

Saw a PDF proof of the Nobodies Anthology earlier this week and all I can say is it looks AMAZING. Great collection of wild imaginitive artists. Happy to be involved.

Out at NYCC in a few weeks. If you're there pick it up. Booth 3040.

Wish I could be there, but work calls... so not this year.


Sep 26, 2011

Sep 25, 2011

Colt Panel Inks...

Another panel from Colt...


Colt Progress....

Working on this right now...


Sep 21, 2011

A few panels....

A few panels from Muttnik...


Sep 18, 2011

Puppy Luv...

A panel from Muttnik. Soon to be released.


Sep 17, 2011

Muttnik - Teaser Title

Just sent all the files off.


Sep 14, 2011


A panel from my upcoming story in the NOBODIES ANTHOLOGY. Putting the colours together on the remaining pages today and tomorrow. The anthology is being released  at NYCC this year. More information on that in a few weeks.


Sep 10, 2011

Dog in Rocket...

A Muttnik panel. Working like crazy on this right now.


Sep 6, 2011

Ink Test over Mazzucchelli...

Often times I like to practice inking the greats. I find it to be a great way to learn new techniques and pick up new things to use in my own work.

Above is a panel from Mazzucchelli's Daredevil Born Again, re-inked by me.

I did this about as quick as possibly just zooming around the page. Turned out pretty good. Much learned.

Now back to laying out a short story I'm drawing (Muttnik) and something super secret.