Apr 24, 2016

Cover Process: CHUM #1 Variant Cover

Here's the process behind a recent cover.

The fine folks at Comix Tribe asked me to do a variant cover for their upcoming hard boiled "surf noir" book called CHUM.

Written by friend and up and coming writer Ryan K Lindsay with gorgeous art by Sami Kivela and colours by Mark Dale.

The first issue is in stores this Wednesday (April 27th)
EDIT: I've heard that something happened at the printer and the first issue will be in stores on May 4th.... so look out for issue 1 this Wednesday or next.

To focus on character or location? The location ones are a bit understated where the surfer with gun image gets the idea of the series across simply and quickly. So the decision was easy.
Flipped the composition around so the Comix Tribe logo wouldn't obscure any important elements.
The pencils for this were nearly non existent and most of the work was done in the inks. Playing black shapes against each other to see how far I could go design wise.

Changed this from my initial thumbnail's colours to simplify and add more oomph.
One colour seems to always work, especially when the inks are doing so much of the heavy lifting. White highlights emphasis form and separate elements. 

Final Cover