Sep 27, 2013

Breaking Bad...

The delightful folks at Multiversity Comics asked me if I wanted to contribute a piece to their celebration of the final episode of Breaking Bad. I of course jumped at the opportunity.
Knowing that most people would be drawing Walt from later on in the series, I wanted to take this one back. Inspired by the end of the 5th episode.

Here's the post (Lots of impressive art!)


Sep 25, 2013

Edmonton Expo 2013...

Hello dear blog readers!

I've been busy working on some secret projects (announcements coming soon???? maybe!)
In the meantime, here's where you can catch me this upcoming weekend!

I’ll be a guest at the Edmonton Expo this Saturday and Sunday.
You can find me at Booth #03 (indicated with the arrow on the above image.)

Swing by and say hello! I’ll be doing sketches, and have various things to buy (Original art, prints, comics, etc…)

I’m really looking forward to it, and am going to try to avoid breaking my left arm in the meantime!

Sep 20, 2013

A sketch of a old friend....

On a related note, Tiger Lawyer #3 was recently added to Comixology.
You can quite easily and quickly get the digital copy here:


Sep 13, 2013

Sin City - Marv

Sketch from last night... greyscale coloured it today.


Sep 6, 2013


Hellboy commission... coloured it up in photoshop.
Have a good weekend folks!


Sep 4, 2013

Batman black and white...

Today's warm up.

About to go grab some lunch, just gonna leave this here.

There’s a new issue of Batman Black and White out today. I always loved the concept of this series. Basically an anthology of Batman stories published in black and white. Some artists really take advantage of doing their stories in Black and White (JPL, I’m looking at you), while others just look like coloured stories converted to grayscale.

My rendition above? Who knows where it falls. Took my lead from Alex Toth’s cover (Very few holding lines, etc…)

Sep 3, 2013


Picked up the most recent OMAC collection that DC put out and had to draw him.