Jun 1, 2011

The Devil's Concubine - Quick pencils

Working on a quick pinup for this awesomely awesome book. The Devil's Concubine by Palle Schmidt, who's wonderful work you can follow on his blog HERE

Live blogging my progress. On to inks!



Unknown said...

Great to see this type of stuff Vic, and best of luck with your GN!

If i could just say one small thing that would make a great difference is take a bit more care when drawing handguns they are small here but quite central, just a few features like the trigger hammer the sliding mechanism notches and some sights all minor things would improve it i think
...i dont know if you have a favourite reference site but this is a good one http://world.guns.ru/handguns-e.html

Vic Malhotra said...

Thanks Paul! You're right I didn't take any time with the guns in this one. Just rushed my way from start to end!

I'll check out that reference site though! You're right a few key details can make it or break it. Thanks!