Aug 28, 2016

The Killer Inside Me #1 - Preview

There's a preview of the first issue up on Comic Book Resources. Click HERE to check it out!

It's a pretty direct adaptation of the Jim Thompson novel.

Art wise, I've really been trying to open my work up. That means spotting fewer blacks and leaving areas for colour to do the "work". This also makes scenes where I need to use heavy amounts of ink more impactful.... I hope.

I was initially going to colour this book, but I needed more lead time to accommodate that, so we brought in Jason Millet to colour the book and he has totally kicked butt!

I ended up adding a layer or two of grey tones to each of the pages just to clarify where and how I wanted shadows placed.

Here are the unlettered colour pages.

Pencil inks/grey tones by me and colours by Jason Millet.

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